Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We are enjoying having a day off for Memorial Day today. This summer term of school has not been too bad, but it is always nice having a little extra time off. We went to the park this morning and we are going to try to make it to a parade in Williamsville this afternoon. Rylee is supposed to be taking a nap right now, but she is talking to herself in her crib like usual.

Rylee is preparing to go down the slide. She loves parks and playing with kids. She is still working on her shyness though. She could play forever.

This is a picture of the pie that I made Heather for Mother's Day. I thought it looked good. It tasted good too. I hope she had a good day.

We finally ventured over to Niagara Falls with Rylee last weekend. We were waiting for the weather to get warmer, but we ended going between rainstorms and it wasn't warm. It was windy next to the falls. We will go back another time and go over to the Canada side.

We have gone to few more garage sales over the past few weeks looking for several bigger things that we need. We get Rylee a few things when we find a good deal. Heather got her some Barbie dolls last weekend and she thinks that they are so cool. She likes sleeping with one of them, along with her regular dolls. We thought this picture was funny with her and the boy doll.

Here is a family picture taken from a bench earlier today. This was taken at a park that is close to where we live. We like going there to see the waterfall and look at the ducks. Rylee was looking for a playground the whole time we were there though so we had to go somewhere else.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


We misplaced our camera for a while and I was busy with school so we didn't post any pictures. I am going to put a bunch of them up here now. They are a little mixed up, but hopefully they are good.

Rylee in her pretty dress from her birthday

Overlooking the top of Hill Cumorah

Blowing out candles from her birthday cake (except there isn't a candle)

Finding her Easter basket

Heather posing in front of some flowers at the Botanical Gardens

Rylee is a little unsure of this pig

On a hike in the tropics (at the Botanical Gardens)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Garage Sale

We had some fun at garage sales today and found this dresser for $20 from an old couple that is moving. We found some other random good things too.