Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Pictures

I basically just needed an excuse to post a few pictures here so my face wasn't the first thing that popped up on the blog. So I picked a few new pictures of Rylee and here we go. Rylee got a cold the other day and hasn't slept much. She has been a little cranky and only wants to wear dresses even though it has gotten pretty cold. We just put the dresses on over her other clothes so she can stay warm. I am hoping she feels better soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Scott Tries To Fit In

Scott thought it was great having a girl until Rylee wanted to do his hair. He is now starting to feel out numbered so if you can't beat them you might as well join them. Doesn't Scott make a cute girl. Too bad he wouldn't take my suggestion and try on a dress. It would of completed the ensemble.

Rylee's first Kiss

Rylee got her first kiss this saturday. We were babysitting Parker, the child of one of the dental students. We were getting them ready for bed and they decided to kiss each other good night. I didn't actually capture the kiss but I do feel I captured the moment.

Palmyra Temple

We went to the temple yesterday and it was wonderful. It is really cool to think that our temple is the palmyra temple. We took Rylee to the sacred grove for the first time. New York looks beautiful right now with all the fall colors.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Rylee is obsessed with dolls right now. She spends most of her day carrying them around, pushing them in her stroller, or changing their clothes. The other day one of her dolls apparently needed a nap. Rylee placed her in her little bed and then went to her crib for her blanket and duck. This is the stuffed animal and blanket she always sleeps with. Then she read her doll a story. Finally she said prayers with her doll. It is fun to see how she mimics exactly what we do to prepare her for bedtime. She is becoming a little mother already. I thought it was so cute.

Trick or Treat

Scott and I took Rylee trick or treating for the first time. She loved getting the candy and putting it in her bag. We practiced all day wednesday saying trick or treat and she said it at maybe half of the houses we went too. She was very disappointed when we were finished. She would have trick or treated all night. Rylee was a cheetah and I was a witch. Scott dressed up as a cowgirl but did not let me take a picture of him. Rylee is enjoying all the candy she got and is very reluctant to share with her parents.