Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A four year old teenager

This weekend we went to Kirtland and saw the historical sights. We had a wonderful time! After Kirtland we went to a place called Farmpark. There we got to milk a cow, ride in a horse drawn carriage, and see many other farm animals. The kids loved it especially Piper who kept saying Moo over and over again. Right before we were about to leave we stopped at the gift shop. Rylee walked around the store coveting everything. Finally she found a purse that she loved and begged Scott for it. She insisted that she would use it all the time. Scott, knowing that Rylee already has at least five other purses, said no. Rylee was outraged and screamed "You are ruining my life." One of the farm workers turned her head so Rylee could not see her laughing. Even though I find this humorous it also troubles me. I cannot believe that my four year old already thinks her parents are making her life miserable. Isn't she supposed to adore us right now. I feel like I am raising a teenager and not a preschooler.