Monday, July 23, 2007


It is amazing to me to see the different faces that Rylee will make in the course of a minute while taking a few pictures. I thought I would put a few of them up here.

First off is the sweet smile

Then we get the monster claw

She seems to be processing something in this shot

A couple seconds later Rylee is having a good time laughing

Trip to DC

We took a trip over to Washington DC recently and checked the place out. It was fun and there were many places that we were not able to see in such a small amount of time. We saw all of the big stuff though including the capitol building and this cool truck in the middle of the grass. The memorials were neat and the Smithsonian exhibits were fascinating. I was amazed by the things that are available to see for free. We left Rylee with her grandma over in Virginia where were staying. I thought I would put a picture of her with her dog that I took while we were there.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Rylee's Words

Lately it has been fun hearing the new words that come out of her mouth. Her regular words are dog, no, yeah, shoes, ball, bath, and duck. Some of the fun words have been hippo, horse, and an attempt at alligator. She tries. She also has a new thing of wanting to wear dresses. She had a fun time dressing up in the pictures below. She finds most of the stuff to put on too.

Heather's mom had surgery about a week ago on her wrist. She is recovering well but we had to put this picture up because she doesn't tell anyone about it.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I played softball for quite a while yesterday at a local park. We had to fight the parade traffic to get to the field we were playing at. When we turned to corner to the park we learned that one of the fields was being used as a parking lot for the vehicles used in the parade--some American Legion labeled trucks, a slew of fire engines, and a dozen or so John Deere tractors. It's great being out in the country where tractors are a main attraction. I am just glad we were somewhere else during the parade.

Sunday, July 1, 2007