Monday, January 21, 2008

Pretty Girl

I thought I would add a few more pictures of Rylee getting dressed up. We think she is pretty cute. She likes being the center of attention, but I still have to run around in circles trying to get a somewhat decent picture of her.

Hanging out in her dress after church.

She is playing with Little Mermaid dress up kit.

And talking on one of her many dead cellphones.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crayola Factory

During our time in Pennsylvania over the break, we stopped off at the Crayola Factory/National Canal Museum in Easton, PA. The Crayola Factory had tons of different activities for kids to do. Just imagine a giant room with all of the crayons and markers that you can think of. Rylee only wanted to draw for a bit though, as expected. I enjoyed the canal museum more though because it explained how canals worked and had hands-on activities built into it. So if you are ever in Easton you should check it out.

Rylee liked getting into the water with her canal boat.

I'm pretty sure that this was Rylee's favorite part of the trip. We stopped off at the gift shop to look around and Rylee spotted this shopping cart and loaded it with stuffed crayons. She kept going around the store loading and unloading more items in her cart seemingly knowing exactly what she was up to. It was funny to watch.

Merry Christmas...finally

So it has been a while since Christmas, but I have been slacking on the blog posts. We had a lot of fun down in Pennsylvania at Heather's parents' house. Rylee enjoyed seeing her relatives and still believes that Brian, Dalene, and Josh are in their cars coming to visit her. Rylee also had a fun time opening her presents. She would stand by her presents with such anticipation and wanting to play with each one before the next present was unwrapped. We brought presents down from Buffalo with us and managed to fit everything Santa and other family members gave her in our Corolla on the way back.

Rylee loves her big lion and her Radio Flyer car. The one downside is that she has to have keys in her hand before she will sit down at the wheel.

She started to understand the concept of tearing wrapping paper, but she got tired by the end.

Rylee loved spending time with her Uncle Brian.

We dressed Rylee up in one of the outfits her Grandma Davis (and Amy) picked out for her. She actually keeps her cupcake hat on her head. She also enjoys carrying around purses so this one was great. We routinely find surprises hiding out inside.