Monday, February 18, 2008


I really should be studying for my occlusion class that I have an exam in tomorrow, but I thought I would just post a few things since I haven't in a while. I am amazed at some people that they can put together these long orchestrated posts together (i.e. Tad's blog). I usually just give the update on how Rylee is doing and call it good. We have had a busy month but I don't have as many pictures this time. I think we just got busy and I get tired of taking pictures inside of our apartment at night because everything has a yellow glare to it. Anyway, we got a car a couple of weeks ago to replace the car that I had before. Heather and I are still getting used to the fact that we can go to different places at the same time. My friend that I carpooled with over the first semester moved and we figured that we needed to do something different. We ended up getting a good deal on a Honda Accord and hope that it will last us forever.

Before I move on to the pictures, you have to check this video out of a baseball prank. I thought it was funny.

Another big thing that happened was that I officially joined the US Air Force and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. I will serve for three years after I finish dental school. We are excited about the opportunity.

The commissioning part...

...and pinning on my gold bars. Rylee thinks they are cool.

Now for Rylee. She is showing her personality more and more now. It's tough for others to understand because she gets shy around people. She likes playing with her friends and likes to watch her select movies. Currently they are Clifford ("Red Dog"), Shrek ("Shrek"), and High School Musical 2 ("Kids"). In a way, she reminds me of my sister Amy because I can remember a little bit of how she acted at this age. Rylee also looks a little like Amy did with her brown eyes. I took this video of her today that I hope you like. She is just acting like Rylee.