Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Day Rylee!

Rylee turns 2 today. We already celebrated her birthday last week when we were all together, but I wanted to post some of Rylee's favorite things on the blog for her to look at. I hope you have a wonderful birthday Rylee.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

15 States

Rylee managed to make it to fifteen states before her second birthday over last week when we made a little trip to New Jersey. Heather's parents live about twenty minutes to the border and we have driven to the western bank of the Delaware River several times before because we really like this "restaurant" over there. We finally went over the bridge so Rylee can put it on her list (not that she even knows what a state is). New Jersey is actually a beautiful place, contrary to what I thought of it from growing up in the West. We will hopefully go over to the beach again this summer and bring Rylee along. I would have put more pictures on but I don't have the camera and I am up in Buffalo by myself for the next week while Heather and Rylee spend more time with Grandma Olson.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Busy with School

I thought about naming this post "March" to go with the "February" post last month. I am going to try to do better than that though. I just finished up a brutal midterm portion of the semester. I think everything went well. I had lots of help from Rylee as seen from the picture below. She likes to pound the keys when she is on my lap. So I finally have a little time to work on other things.

One of the great things about being a dental student is that I have access to lots of cheap or free dental supplies. We bought a whole case of floss a few months ago. It's tough to go through floss very quickly so we let Rylee play with them because she thought they were fun. Well, she learned that she can pull the floss out a long ways and play with it that way. So I decided that I needed to teach her how to use it correctly. I think I managed to place it between a few teeth, but Rylee's favorite part was the taste. She just started putting it in her mouth and extracting the mint flavor from it. I guess I never thought of using floss as a treat before.

I also wanted to give props to my sister, Amy, for working hard in dance and receiving recognition from the Deseret News.