Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Miss Curly

Rylee's hair has gone so curly lately. We guess it is because of the humid weather here and her hair is getting longer. We think it is pretty cute. She usually has this tight curl right at the top of her forehead that Heather tries to straighten out.

This next picture was funny to me. We recently moved to a new apartment in Amherst and have spent most of our time trying to get things situated, refinishing furniture, and other stuff like that. Anyway, Heather decided that she would put out her American Girl collection in Rylee's room and let her play with them and see how she treated them. She has been so good with them and thinks they are so cool. The neat thing about them is that they are almost the same size. Rylee is sitting in Samantha's desk in this picture having her own little tea party. I don't know how she fits in there. She is gradually growing out of clothes though so I don't know how many more months she will fit in there.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crystal Beach

We went to Crystal Beach on Lake Erie a couple weeks ago. It is a nice beach in Ontario that is pretty close to Buffalo. Rylee liked playing in the sand and repeatedly wanted to go back into the water. The problem with that was that it was really windy and got cold when we got out of the water. Rylee turned slightly blue at times. We met up with some other friends from dental school while we were there and had a fun time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Earlier Trip to Philly

Here are some pictures from our trip to Philly about a month ago. I went down there right after school ended and we had lots of fun. Heather and I even spent time in the city and saw some of the historical sites while Rylee stayed home with grandma. I will continue to try to keep up with what we are doing this summer. We are headed to Palmyra today to go to the Hill Cumorah Pageant and will make a stop at a cool museum in Rochester before that.

Our little family

Heather and Scott at Christ Church in Philly sitting in George Washington's pew

Rylee swimming with Uncle Brian using her cool flotable swimsuit (or "swimsoop"). Rylee got pretty brave and wanted to go by herself around the pool. Her problem is that she thinks that she can swim now. I have to dunk her every so often in the city pool we go to now just so that she remembers that she can't do it alone yet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Girl

So things have been a little hectic this summer but I am finally putting some more stuff on the blog. I guess the first thing to do is to officially announce the coming of another baby girl in October. We were going to post that news when we found out that it was a girl, over a month ago, but that didn't happen. We are really excited for another baby. She has been very active in Heather's tummy and we hope that she can keep up with Rylee from the start. We are still working on a name. I think we are getting closer but we don't want to finalize anything because we still have a few months.